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and a














Respectists believes in one God as creator of everything


































Respectists believes in respect



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Therefore they have some simple rules.


1.                                    You are not allowed to kill other human beings.


2.                                    You must not beat or misthreat other human beings, likewise You must not use evil force neither physical nor psychic.


3.                                    You must not make Your self dependent of any thing, food, drink, medicin, game or other.


4.                                    Like You threat Human beings with respect, You shall threat  Animals with respect, not beat or misthreat them.


5.                                    You shall threat the Earth, that belong to all of us, with respect, avoid pollution and overconsumption.


6.                                    You must not steal, rob or deceive other, nor be corrupt.


7.                                    You shall be Faithful and Honest in Your doings and in Your speech, and not lie to Yourself or other.


8.                                    You shall respect, that everybody has a right to have an opinion, and that no one has the right to force others to have their opinion.


9.                                    You shall respect that all men and women, whatever colour, are equal, since we are all Gods children.


   10. Every day You shall pray to God to show you the right way, to    

         become a better person, and go to Heaven when You die.






To take another persons life is the worst thing any person can do


To give life

To take life

That is for God to decide


This does not mean, that we shall not try being well when sick.


God has given us the plants which contains medicines for all diseases. As well as the possibility to relieve pains. And we shall use these plants.


Anyhow we shall not extend life unneccessary, but say stop when a human /medical view says that it will be the best solution.


It shall take 3 of each other independent Doctors to decide that death is the right solution, to stop threathment and let the person die preferable with no pain. That is not killing, but an act of Merciness


Abortion is not wanted. But

Abortion is allowed until the Heart Beats.

Abort thereafter is killing and must be punished.


To avoid abortion, information and there shall be free preventation/contraception for  everyone.

Adoption. For those who have a child anyway, and do not wish to keep it,  Society shall take over and help with adoption.


The Punishment for killing deliberately shall be 20 Years in prison.

To kill another person under the effect of drug, alcohol or grouppressure counts as deliberately and shall give 20 Years in prison.

No matter what weapon used. So Drug/Drunkdriving with death victims = 20 Years.

Negligent homicide shall be convicted to between 1 and 10 Years in Prison. Depending on the degree of negligence. Never under 1 Year.


All, even children, are responsible for their acts and can be punished.

As a parent You can choose to take small childrens punishment .




You must not beat or misthreat other human beings, likewise You must not use evil force neither physical nor psychic.


To do, is to beat, misthreat or force Gods children.


If done, You must be punished.


Minimum punishment is 60 days in Prison + 60 hours psychologist treatment.

Until 20 Years in Prison at rude attacks.


Have 1 sentence, the punishment shall be doubled if repeat the Crime.

Three times  3 time. Four times if a 4 time occurs.

Fifth time gives lifetime.


Are the Crime committed because a sick mind.

The sentence shal be lifelong threatment.

No reduction for good behavior.

Threatment can be preventive detention or preventive medication.



You must not make Your self dependent of any thing, food, drink, medicine, game or other.

God has given us a brain so that we can use it, and we shall use it to think, to do good things, and not let us control by our weak bodies.

Remember: There are only 2 things we can take with us.

The Good deeds, and the Bad deeds.

And the road to Hell is made of Golden promises.




If You maltreat Animals, the punishment will be hard.

For every animal that dies of maltreat or neclect You shall be sentence to 60 days in a safe storage + 60 hours psychologist treatment.









To polute is a crime against all humans and the Earth.


You shall be punished economicly.

All earnings shall be confiscated and heavy files on top.


Forced work until files is paid for.

You cannot escape punish by telling You were forced to do.

Any Human being has its own free will to reject.

But You can be in a situation, where You will loose Your job  and income.


This fact shall be taken in consideration when judging.


But. Free of punish is not a possibility.

Minimum punishment shall be 60 days in forced keeping.




If You steal You shall give back the double in value as stolen.

You shal be judged to forced work until debt is paid for.

1 day of forced work shall pay of the debt, as the average pay for a skilled worker.

Minimum punishment shall be 1 day of forced work.


If You rob, You shall give back the double in value as robbed, and this shall be done by forced work, furthermore You shall have a punishment for threatening or doing harm on other. If weapon are use that can kill, You shall be punished as if You have used them.

Minimum punishment shall be 1 Year forced work otherwise as 2.


Fraud, swindle punished with forced work as stealing.


Bribe, corruption, pay back to society double as received with forced labour. It is not an option to pay a fine.


To take extortionate interest shall be considered same as steeling.

Extortionate interest is when all costs exceed 25% a year.

Punishment, pay back to society double the earned money with forced labour. Pay a fine is not an option.





You shall be faithful to your loved ones, cohabitation, husband or wife. Unfaithfullness is lack of respect against Your partner.


Promises shall be kept.


If You lie to cover for another persons criminel act. Your punish shall be the double of the other person.


When and if You lie, You are disrespecting other peoples right to the thruth.



The meaning is, that You shall consider, that there is more meanings than Yours and the majority, and it means that everyone shall respect everyone.


It does not mean, that You are not allowed to critisize or make society rules based on common sense valid for everybody whatever religion, sex or age.


We shall all live together on the Earth. We have all equal right to be here.

And with mutual respect, it is possible for all to live in peace and harmony.




All human beings is born with the right to freedom, and the right to decide what to do with life as long as they do not harm other people.


No men are more than women, and no women are more than men.

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Colour is of no matter, it is Your behaviour that decides whether You are worth Respect or not.


You shall respect weak and sick and if possible help.


Respect old as young ones for their behaviour and not just for them being  old or young.


Respect those who are wiser, more intelligent than yourself.





Respect those who are less wise than Yourself.


Respect people doing their job well and decent. Nomatter what kind of job it is.


Do not respect rich for rich, but alone for the way money is used for doing good deeds.


If anyone threats You, Your family, Your friends or other persons bad or without respect, pay attention and make aware of the problem. Tell that You are not going to accept it, and are loosing respect for.


Bullying is lack of respect, and can not and shall not be accepted.




Know that God shall always be in Your heart, if You ask God to be there.


And You shall never need to fear.


Pray for Gods help to become a better person, pray for help to threat other persons nice and decent.

Pray for Gods protection against accident, danger and sickness.

Pray God for forgiveness, if You in spite of all promises has done an ugly thing.

God is Mercy.

God will forgive You, if You regret with a pure Heart.

Better though to stand at Heavens Gate,with Your luggage filled with good deeds then with bad deeds.

It is not easy to go to Heaven.

Nor is it hard, if You truly believe.



















Keld Joergen Staerke Kristensen


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